Making the government work for – not against – you.
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Do you have an issue requiring the services of an experienced immigration lawyer? Are you seeking a green card through a family member? Is your company planning to hire and sponsor a foreign national? Are you a foreign national in deportation or removal proceedings? Are you (or your corporation) facing criminal charges? Are you a foreign national facing criminal charge?

Choosing a lawyer who is willing to fight for you may mean the difference between success and failure in resolving your case. At Fidelity Law Firm, we believe that U.S. immigration laws should be applied fairly and evenhandedly without regard to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, or gender. We strive to make the government work for – not against – our clients.

We handle different cases, including:

  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Employment-Based Immigration
  • Non-Immigrant Visas
  • Intracompany Transfer Visas
  • P Visas
  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • Asylum
  • Deportation and Removal Defense
  • Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
  • And More

We are here to help you throughout the complex immigration process. For service inquiries, get in touch with us at 301-765-4576.

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